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Metal Fabrication Mallets & Accessories

There are a lot of advanced machines and power equipment for working with metal. But sometimes, banging on something with a hammer really is the best option. By keeping a metal mallet or three on hand, you can form patch panels and custom pieces in ways that larger tools sometimes can't. They're also great for race teams who need to do on-site repairs such as banging out rubbing body panels. These no-mar hammers will help you stretch and form metal into any shape.

Automotive Hammers and Dollies

Auto Body Hammer and Dolly Tools

They say a hammer is a mechanic's true best friend. If that's the case, you can meet all sorts of new companions by shopping at Eastwood. Our auto body hammer selection is one of the most comprehensive you'll find anywhere. Whenever you need to clobber on a door or a wheel well, we have the right tool in the right size for shaping sheet metal.

An automotive hammer is specially designed to use on metal rather than wood. These hammers will help you form sheet metal, stainless steel and aluminum into the shape you want without leaving unwanted new dents and blemishes behind. From the shop to the track, you’ll want them in your toolbox should the need strike.

Hammers, Dollies, Spoons & Picks

People like to joke that if you can't fix something with a big hammer, you just need a bigger hammer. Here at Eastwood, we have all sizes of auto body hammers no matter how big the job. Whether you need just one hammer or a whole set, there’s a solution you can afford.

We also have the hammer's equally important partner in the auto body world, the dolly. For those of you who prefer the subtler methods of popping out dents, we carry spoons and picks that can reach into the hardest to get at interior parts of body panels. We even sell package kits with an assortment of tools to get you started right out of the box.

Automotive Hammering Tools

Body Hammers from Top Brands

Most people think of hammers as a way to do rough bodywork on short notice. You’ve probably seen stock car racing teams whacking away at bent fenders and doors in the middle of a race. However, an auto body hammer can sometimes be the right tool for finer fixing and shaping, too. Eastwood has Fairmount body hammers, Martin Tools hammers, ATD Tools hammers and our own affordable automotive hammers for pounding out dents.

With bumping hammers, pick hammers, finishing hammers, shrinking hammers, doorskin hammers and other styles in numerous sizes, you can outfit your entire shop. Auto hammers with fiberglass handles are the most durable option while wood-handle hammers transmit fewer vibrations, making them easier on the hands. Dual-head automotive hammers, such as this reverse curve hammer that has both square and round faces, give you two pounding options on a single tool to save toolbox space.

Dollies in All Shapes

Of course, sometimes the thing a hammer is best at is turning one big dent into several smaller dents. An auto body dolly is the perfect hammering associate to have on hand. Simply place them on the opposite side of the metal to act as a mini work surface There are many types of dollies we have in stock for smoothing out tiny dents, including anvil dollies, round dollies, egg dollies and toe dollies. They work well for shaping and curving metal as well on a small scale. Our hammer and dolly sets are matched for specific types of projects.

Spoons & Picks

Our automotive spoons and picks are the right tools for minor dents where a hammer would be overkill. These hand tools let you pry around hard-to-reach areas and can be used on everything from muscle cars up to present-day sedans. Find curved picks, slapping spoons, long-handled spoons and other unique tools for poking out small dings. DIYers can use them in partnership with a hammer and dolly as well. Once these tools have done the heavy pounding, get out a pick or spoon to smooth the minor imperfections left behind.

Do the Job Right

Don't just slam on body parts haphazardly when they're bent out of shape. With Eastwood hammering tools, you can do precision work by hand on any part of your vehicle. If you need multiple tools, check out our hammer bodywork kits that contain an assortment of clubs and dollies for different tasks. Everything has a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee and the quality Eastwood promises with all products. Visit the Hand Tools section in the Eastwood Garage to learn more about the types of hammers you might need for metal fabrication.