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Videos and Articles

Metal Fabrication Tips

When working on auto restorations and repairs, you often need to create new body panels or reform the existing ones. Eastwood metal fabricating tools are made for those who work on cars and need the best equipment to do so. From large equipment to portable tools, we have the right supplies to cut and form metal to your exact specifications.

Bead Roller Buyers Guide

If you’re considering buying a bead roller it’s probably because you’re doing some metal fabrication like making floor pans, wheel tubs, or bomber seats and want to add some strength and style to the metal. Eastwood offers a few sizes and styles of bead rollers so let’s check them out and make sure you get the right one for your job.....READ MORE

How to Keep Metal from Warping When Bead Rolling

Almost anytime you try to add a wide or deep bead to a thin piece of metal; or multiple beads to the same piece, you will find the metal starts to deform or warp. You may get perfect beads in the piece you’re working on, but it suddenly looks like a metal potato chip. That is because the bead roller stretches the metal as it presses beads into it. If you have an English wheel you can fix this problem before you begin. This problem is especially bad when rolling beads that don’t go all the way to the edge, or rolling different length beads in the same panel. Follow along as we show you a simple way to keep your panel straight when bead rolling.....READ MORE

How to build a cheap chassis table on a budget

I’m sure most of you could agree with me when I say that this hobby is pretty addicting. Some of us are caught in a whirlwind of finding, fixing, and building old cars that consumes our free time and some of us our lives! In these cases once you’re nearing the end of one project you’ve probably already got your next project in mind (or already in the driveway!)....READ MORE

Tips to tuning up your Metal Fab Tools

You change the oil, rotate the tires, wax your car to keep it in tip-top shape right? Well why not your tools? Metal fabrication tools get used hard and often we forget that they need maintenance to keep them working well. I put together a handful of tips that will help you keep your tools cared for....READ MORE

Custom Tailgate Project

Possibly the biggest undertaking yet on this truck was making the new custom bed for Project Pilehouse. To quote Ron Covell in a metal shaping class at Eastwood headquarters; “I think those bedsides were the single largest pieces I’ve ever seen bead rolled in my life!”. The bed was definitely the largest part of a vehicle I’ve fabricated from scratch. ...READ MORE