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Additives & Chemicals

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Automotive Chemicals and Additives

Chemicals & Additives

Although the word "chemical" has become a dirty word to some, they are often the best choice for vehicle maintenance and performance. With the right auto chemicals and additives, your prized machine will run cleaner and faster. And when handled correctly, they won't cause extra environmental harm. Eastwood makes a number of vehicle chemicals and has also found the best offerings from brands such as Berkebile, Evans and Oil Eater. We guarantee your satisfaction with how they will work for your car, truck or bike.

Engine & Fuel Treatments

Clearing out the gunk goes a long way towards keeping a car running. If horsepower seems a little down, the right additive might be all you need to hear the motor sing again. Use carb and choke cleaners, oil cleaner additive or fuel additive to remove tough deposits. We carry a special waterless coolant that allows your engine to run at lower operating temperatures plus prep fluids for washing out old coolant. If your gaskets or seals are looking ragged, make new ones using high-temp silicone that is oil and fluid resistant.

Car Part Cleaners & Lubricants

Many other parts of your automobile can benefit from a little chemical love. Oil Eater cleaner and degreaser spray is a non-toxic way to remove grime that can cause premature wear. We've developed special brake cleaner solutions for these components that won't send brake dust flying. And if parts or fasteners are frozen together, special penetrating metal lubricants will loosen them up and add a rust-inhibiting film to prevent future sticking. They can even remove water from the ignition in a wet engine!

Smooth Vehicle Operation

These specialty products are proven to be the most practical solutions for maintenance, rebuilds or just cleaning up after yourself. Contact the Eastwood team to learn more about what we have in stock to clean, lubricate and enhance your car. Everything here is trusted by the experts to preserve peak performance.