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High-Value Auto Measuring Tools

Whether you’re fabricating custom parts or verifying the correct size bolts for a cylinder head, every part of your car needs to measure exactly right. STORM™ measurement tools are trusted by mechanics everywhere to provide accurate assessments of all your projects. These tools are the value line from Central Tools Inc., which has been developing the best precision measuring instruments for automotive work since 1908. Using STORM tools provides the correct information DIYers need at a cost they can afford. Shop at Eastwood online or in-store and you’ll be ready to measure up a storm on any repair or restoration project.

Instruments for any Measurement

We offer an assortment of Central STORM tools that can measure anything on a car. Central Tools first became known for their micrometers, and the Swiss-style micrometer set continues this tradition. You’ll receive three outside micrometers for taking exact measurements up to three inches. For even more versatility and precision, STORM digital calipers do inside, outside, step and depth measuring in SAE or metric. They make a carbon fiber caliper as well that is lighter and costs less.

Other innovative STORM instruments include their locking plier and dial indicator set for aligning parts and reversible torque wrenches that tighten nuts and bolts to exactly the amount of force that’s needed. Even STORM straight edges are anything but standard as they offer unparalleled accuracy when used with feeler gauges. These tools are made of high-quality materials that are machined and tuned until they are just right.

Tools that Measure Up

You won’t need to measure twice when you can get the right information the first time with Central STORM tools. Each product has a full one-year workmanship and materials warranty from the manufacturer plus Eastwood’s lifetime technical support. Rebuild engines, suspensions, bodies and interiors with confidence knowing the specs will match perfectly thanks to the right measuring instruments.