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New Car Paints & Equipment

When you’re getting ready for an automotive painting project, there are two choices: you can stick with what’s tried and true, or you can try something fresh. If you’re in the second camp, Eastwood has the latest auto paints and coating all in one place. These have been developed by the Eastwood R&D guys as well as industry leaders like POR-15, VHT, 1 Shot, EverCoat and DeVilbiss.

Some of these brand-new automotive paints are an updated version of a popular product. Others are breakthrough formulations for coating parts and accessories. Either way, you’re getting a high-quality product that will Do the Job Right. Eastwood paints new and old are backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and free lifetime tech support.

Discover the Best Auto Painting Supplies

Your next paint job will be on the cutting edge when it’s done with the most recent paints and tools. Look here first whenever you need automotive finishes, primers or clear coats. If we’ve come up with a new custom paint flake color or developed a breakthrough single-stage paint, you’ll find it here first. The Eastwood spray paint line has been expanding rapidly, so come here to see if there’s a recent wheel paint, chassis paint or high-temperature engine paint that’s now available in aerosol form. This is also the place to uncover unique painting tools and equipment designed for DIYers.

Eastwood has been at the forefront of DIY automotive painting since 1978. We’re always looking for better ways to paint cars for restoration, repair and custom mod projects. The products you see here have been tested and approved by our tech team. Take a trip to the Eastwood Garage to learn more about new paint supplies or see them in action. Our experts are also available by phone or email seven days a week.