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Paint Guns and Equipment

HVLP spray painting guns, paint mixing, masking equipment and painting accessories

The success of your restoration job often hinges on the appearance of the exterior, because that's what everyone sees. While a gearhead will appreciate modifications made to a car's engine or other key components, most laypeople will focus entirely on how it looks.

As members of the DIY community,  we know the importance of using quality tools for the job. And that's doubly important for paint jobs, no matter how big or small the job is.

At Eastwood, we've been helping people complete their own paint jobs with professional-quality automotive painting supplies. The right tool for the job is critically important for applying paint, and our selection of more than 4,000 products includes a variety of automotive paint guns and other supplies to help get the job done right.

Eastwood Automobile Painting Supplies

Whether it's a full vehicle or just a new door, vehicle painting is a big undertaking. Eastwood has been helping the DIY community since 1978 with professional-quality auto painting equipment for professional-level looks. Make your next project your best one yet by using supplies that have been tested and proven both by our staff and by fellow enthusiasts.

Paint Guns & Accessories

The paint gun is the jumping-off point for this intensive task. We stock a variety of HVLP guns (high volume, low pressure) along with replacement parts, spray gun adapters and cleaning supplies for every stage. You can even get a complete car painting kit with tools for both full body work and detailing. In addition to our own Eastwood Concours and Turbine paint guns, we also carry products from industry leaders such as DeVilbiss, Iwata and Earlex.

Vehicle Paint Supplies

There's more to a great-looking car than just a good paint gun. Make sure your primer or finish is blended perfectly with paint shakers, stir sticks, strainers and other mixing equipment. Painting accessories such as spray shelters, touch-up brushes, run razors and paint gun cases will help you deal with any challenge. When you don't want to accidentally paint over wheels and certain panels, our auto masking supplies will keep any area covered.

Personal Safety Equipment

Giving your car a smooth appearance means nothing if you aren't around to enjoy it. Our auto painting safety gear will protect you from harmful substances that can be emitted during a project. Find respirator masks, head socks, gloves, coveralls and other equipment that shields you from head to toe. We have replacement respirator filters as well to keep fumes out of your lungs.

Paint Your Car with Confidence

Eastwood is trusted by hobbyists, top builders and pros for equipment that helps them do a job well every time. We have a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee with every purchase from our huge selection. We also provide knowledgeable instructions by phone and email for those who need assistance.

What do you want to paint? Contact us today and tell us about your project. We'll point you to the best equipment for getting the job done right, so you can get your restoration project out of the garage and in front of crowds eager to see your work.

Popular HotRodding uses the Concours Paint Gun

Painting Equipment

Painting a car is a major job, so having the proper auto paint supplies and painting equipment on hand is essential if you want to produce truly professional results. Your most important projects start with any of Eastwood’s best paint guns, which include famous brands like DeVilbiss, Binks, and our own Concours and Evolution. Then select from our car paint supplies that include paint mixers, brushes, painter’s files, aerosol spray gun, color matchers and more.

For car body painting, you’ll want to choose from our wide selection of masking supplies as well as personal protective and safety supplies.




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