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Dent Repair

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Dent Repair

Auto Body Dent Removal Tools

No matter how carefully you treat your car, dents are going to happen - if not from accidents, then from flying rocks, falling branches, hail, stray shopping carts and other everyday hazards. With dent tools and accessories from Eastwood, you can get those dents out quickly and return a vehicle to its pristine state. Automobile dent repair has evolved over the past few decades as the materials used to make body panels have changed. Thinner modern sheet metals often require more refined ways to fix blemishes. As a DIY auto expert since 1978, Eastwood has witnessed these changes, and we are always looking for and developing new methods to efficiently remove dents.

Methods for Any Dent

Whenever you shop at Eastwood, you'll find a number of auto body dent repair kits that work like a charm. Our paintless dent removal kit is a professional way to pull out minor dents and dings without scratching or scuffing the paint. This method uses hot glue, pull buttons and a pulling device to ease dents out. Inflatable dent removal bags are a safe way to push out small dents from the inside, while bullseye picks are excellent for working around hard-to-reach spaces.

If your car's body is seriously bent, we can aid with that, too. We carry body forming punch sets that apply pressure or blunt force in areas you can't get at with a hammer. Precision dent pullers can be added to a stud welder, using the high-power transformer to yank dents out cleanly. When you really need to throw some weight around, the Monkey on a Stick body alignment tool will push, pull or spread just about anything into the right position.

Knowledgeable Dent Repair Advice

Not sure what dent removal system is best for your nicked-up car? Contact us seven days a week for tech advice from folks who know a lot about auto body work. We pride ourselves on having the service to back up our products so people will get the best results. The tools you eventually order have a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee!

Tools for removing dents, whether it's a daily driver or a restoration. Paintless dent removal kits, slide hammers, stud welders, bulls eye picks, shrinking discs, hammers and dollies and more.