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Eastwood EZ Turn Engine Stand
Only $199.99
2 ton engine crane delivers you the lift you need and then folds up and stores easily.

Starting at: $189.99

The ultimate portable car jack system

Starting at: $1,525.00

The ultimate portable vehicle jack system

Starting at: $1,365.00

Portable extended length car lift

Starting at: $1,575.00

Eastwood 1 Ton Gantry Crane

Starting at: $694.99

TOHO 1 Ton I-Beam Trolley
Only $69.99
TOHO 1 Ton I-Beam Clamp
Only $54.99
BADA 660/1320lb. Max. Capacity Electric Hoist
Only $198.99
Merrick Axle and Differential Lift M998068
Only $549.99
Merrick Hood Picker Puller Attachment M998090
Only $129.99
Merrick 12" Auto Dolly Roll Around Attachment 6 Hole Set of 2 M998075
Only $109.99
Merrick 12" Auto Dolly Roll Around Attachment 4 Hole Set of 2 M998077
Only $109.99
Merrick 12" Auto Dolly Roll Around 5 Hole Attachment M998074
Only $109.99
Eastwood 6 Ton High Lift Jack Stands
Only $52.99
Ranger 1 Ton Capacity Telescoping Transmission Jack RTJ-1

Starting at: $765.00

BendPak 4,500lb. Capacity Rolling Bridge Jack

Starting at: $1,570.00

Ranger 2 Ton Aluminum Quick Jack
Only $230.00
Ranger 15 Ton Aluminum Quick Floor Jack
Only $220.00
2 Post Clear Floor with Low Pro Arms XPR-10S-LP Gray
Only $3,410.00
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When you're working with hot metal, an ordinary workshop table is apt to crash and burn under the pressure - sometimes literally. Eastwood welding tables and work stands are designed to handle the heavy loads and heat that are common with welding or plasma cutting projects. Made of heavy-gauge steel, ssthese welding benches have elevated work surfaces that you can set doors, fenders or hoods directly on while working. You'll be more comfortable and more effective than if you're slouched over on a concrete floor.

We carry several styles of welding tables for DIYers who need a good place to work. Eastwood has folding welding stands that store easily when not in use, adjustable welding tables that can be set at different angles and slatted plasma cutting tables that make it easy to clamp projects in place. Turn your fender stand into a welding workstation with a work stand welding top or get a fixturing set-up table for precision fabrication. In addition to the welding stands and accessories developed by our R&D guys, Eastwood also carries a number of CertiFlat modular fabrication table kits for projects of any size. Customer satisfaction is 100 percent guaranteed on all of our welding equipment.

Eastwood Car Lifting Systems

There are a lot of things you just can't do to a car when it has all four tires on the ground. Jacks and vehicle lifts from Eastwood will safely and securely elevate your car so you can do maintenance, repairs or restoration work. Stop using the generic department store floor jack and upgrade to a heavy-duty jack or lift that will support your machine.

Lift Jacks for Cars

When speed is of the essence, our floor jacks will quickly get the wheels off the pavement for tire changes, brake jobs or suspension repair. Our low-profile quick jacks are made of lightweight aluminum and need just a few pumps of the handle to lift the vehicle. We also have rolling car jacks that can get an entire car in the air and transmission jacks for working on drivetrains.

Rolling Shop Dollies

A set of vehicle dollies provides some lift for working on the body or undercarriage and also lets you move the car to different workstations. Hydraulic car dollies will lift up to 1,300 pounds each, fit any tire up to 12 inches wide and have rugged casters for paved or concrete floors. Auto dolly roll-around attachments will convert a regular dolly into a movable unit.

Vehicle Lifts & Stands

On large projects, many mechanics forgo jacks for a vehicle lift that suspends the entire car in mid-air. Stationary portable car lift systems, rolling automotive rotisseries and 4-post hydraulic lifts are excellent options for vehicle work or storage. If you just need to raise a specific part, consider our axle and differential lifts or engine hoists. Of course, some prefer jack stands due to project scope or budget concerns, and we have both 3-ton and 6-ton stands.

Get the Lift You Need

If you need to literally get a car off the ground, we have the equipment and accessories to do just that. Use them on compact cars, full-size muscle cars or light trucks backed by the confidence of our 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee.


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