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Socket Wrenches & Ratchets

High-Quality Ratchets, Sockets and Extensions for Every Tool Box

Is it time to replace your old worn-out sockets? Are there some empty spots in your toolbox where some sockets should be? We can help. Eastwood offers a large selection of tool truck–quality socket wrenches — also known as ratchets — at a fraction of the cost of tool trucks.

Our sets fit all the normal metric and inch sizes you'll come across in normal jobs. You’ll also find specialty harder-to-find sockets like Torx and security bits. We’re so confident in their quality that all Eastwood hand automotive tools sets come with a lifetime warranty.

Sockets & Ratchets from Eastwood

A good socket set is an essential part of a toolkit for any mechanic or DIYer. These tools give you more leverage for nuts and bolts, meaning you can fasteners more securely and then get them off easier. The design of wrench and socket sets also lets you keep the bit on the fastener, meaning you don’t have to constantly reposition it like with a regular wrench.

If you're looking for new sockets, bits or ratchets, Eastwood can help you get the best socket sets for your shop. We sell an exclusive line of socket fastener tools and carry trusted brands such as Fairmount Tools, Channellock, SK Tools and ATD Tools. From basic nuts and bolts to advanced torqueing and heavy-duty jobs, our staff has products and service to help you secure everything on your car.

Durable Hand Tools & Sockets

Replace worn-out or missing sockets with our huge selection of individual fasteners and socket kits. There are a lot of types of sockets to fit different fasteners and job challenges. We have both SAE and metric sockets for drive ratchets that range from ¼-inch to ¾-inch. Find 6-point hex sockets and 12-point star sockets to fit the appropriate bolts plus deep and standard attachments. Shallow sockets fit into tight spaces while deep sockets ensure maximum coverage and leverage without stripping the bolt.

Our larger drive sets have more than 40 sockets to fit different faster sizes plus ratchets, adapters and holders. A smaller socket and wrenches set is fine for casual mechanics who use them for specific tasks such as oil changes. These sockets are made of durable steel that resists chips, cracks or dents. Many are plated with chromium for durability and a lasting shine.

Specialty Sockets

In addition to general nut-and-bolt socket pieces, we carry harder-to-find sockets for advanced mechanical tasks. Eastwood has several Torx bit socket sets along with security bit, screw bit and hex bit sets for special fasteners found on modern cars. Many of them are also useful for working on motorcycles, bicycles, computers and electronics. Add our impact sockets to your lug wrench to get wheels on and off faster in the garage or at the track. We've developed sockets for damaged lug nuts as well if yours have been stripped, rounded or smashed. Socket extension bars help reach into awkward areas where there’s only room for a bit.

Ratchets & Ratchet Sets

Many of our socket sets come with a ratchet included. But if yours has been damaged or lost, you can get an excellent replacement ratchet wrench from us. Get standard ratchets for different drives and high-leverage long ratchets for stubborn fasteners. Make sure to look for torque wrenches and breaker bars as well. Like our sockets, Eastwood ratchets are made of forged steel and exceed ASME standards for performance.

Tools for Every Enthusiast

Eastwood serves all levels of automotive workers with our pro-quality hand tools. Our 213-piece socket tool set is the best socket set for a mechanic with literally every bit, ratchet and extension you could possibly need — plus an assortment of regular wrenches. If you just need a single ratchet or a basic 10-piece socket set, that’s okay, too.

Whether you’re a professional or a weekend garage rat, only use the best tools with socket sets and ratchets from the DIY experts at Eastwood. We've been an automotive leader since 1978 with great tools and better service to help people work on their cars and motorcycles. All products have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and lifetime tech support.