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Buying automotive paint can be daunting without a trusted brand by your side. There are a lot of things you may need to consider: what you’re painting, how many coats it'll require, color-matching, finish styles, surface conditions, rust and so on. And that’s just for painting a fender or wheel well. Whatever project you're about to undertake, you can be sure it’ll go smoother with auto paint and equipment from Eastwood Paint. Since 1978, our automotive paint and supplies have been trusted throughout the DIY community for high quality, coating ability, performance and everything else needed to make your car look amazing. Whether you're painting an entire vehicle as part of a restoration, or doing touch-up work before a show, Eastwood has quality car paints and resources to help you Do the Job Right.

Find the Eastwood Automotive Paint and Supplies You Need

Eastwood has developed a variety of automotive paints and finishes that are used by beginners and by the top professionals in the industry. Our extensive finish selection includes primers, base coats and protective clears in many colors, tints and style options. Order reducers and activators that provide the best finishing touch for a smooth, professional look. A two-component car paint offers great results as well that save time. We also have custom auto finishes such as flakes and pearls for a sparkling multi-coat look. Apply our products with any of our quality paint guns and airbrushes. If you’re looking for a professional finish that you can apply in a cramped garage, try out Aero-Spray™ aerosol paints that reduce the mess without sacrificing quality..

Special Auto Paints for a Professional Look

We know painting the exterior of a car is only one part of the job. Automotive wheel paints, undercar coatings/protectants, high-temperature engine paints, trunk spatter paints, vehicle interior paints, gas tank sealers and other specialty products are formulated to perform their best in high-stress situations. We also have pinstriping paint plus plating and chrome finishes for doing detail work plus airbrushing tools to apply custom graphics. Give the garage a great look as well with shop floor coatings that seal them against scratches, grease stains and water damage.

More than Just the Basics

When you start any paint project, you’ll need the right equipment and accessories to truly get a blemish-free finish. We carry auto paint strippers and cleaners for removing old paint, rust treatment products for rejuvenating vehicle bodies and bedliner coatings to protect your hauling truck. We even offer instructional car painting books and DVDs for newcomers. So make Eastwood your first stop for car paints. We offer a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee on every auto painting product we sell. It’s a big reason we’ve been a DIY leader since 1978.


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