Plastic Repair

Plastic Repair

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Plastic Welding & Resurfacing

Repair modern vehicles with the same great results as vintage steeds with our selection of plastic restoration kits. Recent generations of vehicles have more and more plastic parts— and don’t get us started on motorcycles. While these parts do their job of reducing weight, they require different tools, materials and techniques to fix than traditional metal components.

If you need a plastic bumper repair kit or something to fix cracked consoles, torn inner fenders and broken headlight assemblies, Eastwood has a solution. We carry automotive plastic repair supplies from Plastex, U.S. Chemical and our own R&D shop. Eastwood also supplies valuable tech information about how to repair hard plastic. Read our introductory tech guide and then visit the Eastwood Garage for even more helpful articles and videos.

Plastic Repairs for Cars

There are a few methods for fixing damaged plastic parts. The Eastwood Hot Stapler Plastic Repair System makes structurally sound repairs on both soft and rigid plastics. It comes with three different staple types, heat settings and staple mounting options to suit various parts. A plastic welding kit takes the next step of filling the gaps, which often makes the part even stronger in the process. We offer multiple kits for both regular plastics and “problem plastics” (TPO, PP, etc.). If the plastics are still structurally sound but look worse for wear, use Plastic Resurfacer Aerosol to restore its appearance while providing seven-plus years of UV protection.

Instead of paying through the nose to replace plastic components, fix them yourself with help from Eastwood. These plastic repair kits can also be used on toolboxes and other plastics found around the shop. Call our tech team seven days a week for advice about choosing the right plastic welder and putting it to good use. We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and lifetime tech support on all purchases.