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Replacement Parts

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Eastwood Paint Spray Gun Parts

When you find a paint gun you love, you want to keep using it forever. Unfortunately, even the best HVLP guns suffer wear and tear — and the more use they get, the faster they wear out. That's why we stock a variety of replacement paint gun parts to restore your old reliable. From simple parts and pieces to a complete paint gun rebuild kit, we're dedicated to making these valuable tools last.

Eastwood doesn't just sell spray gun parts for our own Evolution, Concours and Apollo paint guns. You can also get parts to repair popular models from other trusted brands. Shop for DeVilbiss, Iwata, 3M and Graco spray gun parts to get them working again. Everything is covered by a full manufacturer's warranty and our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Best HVLP & Turbine Spray Gun Components

Even budget paint guns have a surprising number of moving parts to make them work. If your gun isn't working properly, pick up air spray gun parts at affordable prices. We carry replacement needle nozzle kits, nylon paint cups of assorted sizes, paint gun regulators, replacement filters, turbine hoses and other essentials. Rebuild kits contain the seals, springs, gaskets and O-rings for that specific model.

This department is also a golden opportunity to upgrade your spray gun. For example, you can switch to a different needle size that provides better coverage for your projects. Or you can put on a larger paint cup and spray for longer periods.

Not sure what parts you need? Call or email the Eastwood tech team. We've rebuilt many paint guns over the years and can quickly diagnose problems. This HVLP Spray Guns FAQ also is filled with information about how to care for your paint gun. Great parts and better service are why Eastwood has been a DIY leader since 1978.