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Air Tools

Work smarter, not harder with air tools

Eastwood offers a large selection of air tools to tackle all the jobs professional mechanics and DIY'ers need. Rockwood air tools offer DIY quality at value-conscious prices, while Eastwood air tools are made to be used day in and day out, while offering good prices.

Eastwood Air Tools for Cars

More and more auto mechanics are resorting to pneumatic power for their toolkits. The combination of an air compressor and quality auto air tools will pay for itself many times over in added capabilities and time saved. Eastwood has a huge selection of pneumatic automotive tools that are reliable and affordable for all enthusiasts. We make our own trusted tools and also carry options from top brands such as S&G and Ingersoll Rand.

Professional Air Tools for DIYers

Our team knows that anything you do with hand or power tools can often be done better with car air tools. That's why we carry everything that could ever be connected to a shop compressor. We have pneumatic cutting tools, impact wrenches and sockets, grinders, sanders and much more. Everything from our air hammers to our drills is made to withstand high PSI and air flow from a compressor. They then turn that air into the power you need for slicing through roll bars, finishing body panels or making sure lug nuts hold fast.

Pneumatic Kits & Accessories

If you're new to pneumatics or to restoration work in general, an air tool starter kit is a great place to begin. Our team has put together complete toolkits for sanding, rust removal, grinding, polishing, chiseling and other tasks. They contain the primary tool and a variety of accessories for different jobs. You can also order blow guns, couplers, air hoses and other parts separately to get maximum performance out of your setup.

Quality Tools & Service

At Eastwood, we know the tool is often as good as the person using it. We provide award-winning customer service and advice on all our high-quality tools so you'll understand how to use them for your needs. We have supported the DIY community for four decades and want everyone to be successful on their project. With a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee on all purchases, you know you can count on Eastwood.