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Epoxy Primer Facts

Prep: Epoxy primer should be sprayed over a freshly media blasted surface or 180 - 400 Grit sanded surface to give proper adhesion.

Touchup or No Paint Gun?: Our 2K Aerospray cans are great for small projects and touchups where you don't want to drag out your gun and fire up the air compressor. You get the benefits of a true 2-part epoxy without the mess.

Existing Finishes: Epoxy primer is perfect for paint jobs over existing lacquer or enamel finishes. The epoxy primer will create a barrier to keep topcoats from reacting to your old paint. Sand existing finish with 180 - 440 Grit and shoot 2-3 coats of epoxy to seal away the old finish.


Automotive Epoxy Primer

Ensure a great paint finish on cars, trucks and motorbikes by starting with Eastwood epoxy primer. This direct-to-metal auto primer is considered the "standard base" when it comes to giving paint and build primers a good foundation. It's formulated to provide extra protection against corrosion on new metal. Epoxy primers also work great on metal that's been freshly sandblasted or stripped. Although epoxy primer for cars is not as sandable as urethane or polyester primers, it's a great baseline solution that DIYers can trust. We've formulated these primers based on decades of automotive painting experience so they produce excellent color holdout while costing less than the leading brands.

Premium DTM Primers

Once the metal is clean and smooth, add a high-build epoxy primer for strong metal adhesion in fewer coats. Our two-component epoxy primer mixes one-to-one with the included Part B activator or catalyst so it dries quickly for painting. One gallon covers approximately 140 square feet when using an HVLP gun, which covers the body on many full-size cars. Eastwood epoxy base primer is offered in white, gray and black colors to complement your chosen basecoat. The low-VOC epoxy primer formula is more friendly to the environment and your lungs.

Want an easier way to apply primer? Look no further than Eastwood. Both our high-build spray primer and 2K AeroSpray™ epoxy primer are easy aerosol solutions with no paint gun needed. Opti-Flow roll-on epoxy primer goes one step further, letting you roll the primer on just like you're painting the walls of your garage!

A Strong Start to Any Paint Job

Use epoxy primer on steel, aluminum, sanded body filler or fiberglass for a corrosion-resistant paint base. By thinning the primer 20%, you can also turn it into a sealer coat. All primers are made in the USA with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Call 800-343-9353 for expert advice or to place an order.