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Abrasive Blast Media and Soda Blasting Media

Abrasive and Soda Blasting Media

Eastwood offers a large selection of abrasive blast media and soda blasting medias, to suit the job you are tackling. Bicarbonate of soda, also known as soda media, is great for gently removing paints and coatings. Walnut shells are great for removing carbon deposits on delicate engine paints. More aggressive medias for quick removal of rust and paint includes ground glass media and aluminum oxide.

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Media Blaster Abrasive Material

In order to get the best media blasting results, you're going to need the right abrasive media. Using too strong a media for certain metals or parts can score and scuff the metal, while too delicate a media will do an inadequate job or take more time. Whatever you need for rust and paint removal, Eastwood has it in the right quantity. We sell 50-pound bags of media for use with pressure blasters, soda blasters, blast cabinets and any other Eastwood media blaster.

The Right Sandblaster Media for Your Needs

Each of the abrasive media products we sell has certain properties that make them ideal for various applications. Ground glass media a non-hazardous substitute for silica sand that works as an all-around product for paint and light rust removal. If you have heavier rust or need to do glass etching, go with silicon carbide or aluminum oxide, which both have sharp edges to cut through top coats. Our glass beads are made for use on softer metals such as aluminum, while walnut shells won't run the risk of scratching surfaces if they're missed during clean-up.

Soda Blasting Media

Baking soda is baking soda, right? Not when it comes to media blasting. We have multiple formulations for when you need to strip sheet metal or chrome. Our medium maintenance soda crystals are made for standard jobs, while XL crystals will take off heavy coatings. If you're dealing with a lot of rust, load up your blaster with an 80/20 mixture of soda and aluminum oxide to give it that extra non-damaging power.

Guaranteed Quality from Eastwood

As a leader in DIY restorations, we've found the right solutions for a blasting job well done. Some of our media is available in multiple grits, and we all offer small 10-pound buckets of select abrasive and soda media for use with our spot blaster kits. Click on a product to learn more about its metal-stripping properties or give us a call to discuss the right media for your shop.

All of the media you need for quickly and easily removing paint, rust filler and more. Our huge selection includes soda, ground glass, glass beads, silicon carbide, aluminum oxide and walnut shells. Many types of media are also available in different grits to match your project.