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1000W Pure Sine Inverter with Remote
Only $162.99
2000W Pure Sine Inverter w/Remote
Only $261.99
3000W Pure Sine Inverter w/Remote
Only $349.99
300W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

Only $55.99

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Power tools, a cell phone charger, cordless-tool charger, laptop <800 watts
Only $99.99
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Automotive Power Inverters

Many people use their car batteries to power tools and appliances when they're on a trip or when the power goes out at home. But how do they convert the DC power from a battery into AC electricity their devices can use? With a power inverter! Eastwood carries several power inverters for automobiles, trucks, RVs, boats and other machinery that use 12-volt batteries. Attaching an inverter gives you an additional power option and is less expensive than a generator.

Types of Inverters

We carry pure sine wave inverters and modified square wave inverters that provide power for shop tools, TVs, phone chargers, lights and other devices. A pure sine wave inverter distributes power in even waves, making it the best choice for sensitive electronics. While these inverters are more efficient and reliable, they are also more expensive. Modified wave inverters are cheaper but are not as smooth or clean in their power delivery. Therefore, devices may run less efficiently and emit a slight buzz or hum.

Portable & Shop Inverters

The Eastwood R&D department has developed several power inverters for different energy and budget requirements. Our large inverters can produce up to 2,000 watts of continuous power and contain multiple 3-prong outlets and USB ports. This circuitry hardwires directly to a car battery for use in the shop, at a job site, on a camping trip or while on the road (if you have a safe place to mount the inverter). We also have small car inverters that connect to a cigarette lighter or accessory plug.

An "A" for Power & Service

Using a power inverter can save you a lot of money long-term by not having to replace device batteries as much. It also guarantees you will have power in any vehicle that runs. Install one in your car that has a one-year manufacturer's warranty against defects. Our award-winning service means you have a place to turn if you need help using your new product.


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