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Eastwood Self-Etch Primers

If you’re working with old metal parts for your restoration project, self-etching primer will form the foundation for a great new paint job. This primer contains a chemical acid and zinc which help paint adhere to metal that’s been stripped of paint and rust. When applied to bare metal, the acid burns or “etches” to the surface metal while the zinc seals against future corrosion. Use metal-etching primer on steel, stainless steel and aluminum to make sure all your work preparing the metal results in a long-lasting finish.

High-Bond Primer for Auto Restorations

Visit Eastwood for an assortment of self-etching paint primers that can be used with most non-epoxy base coats. We offer self-etch primer black and gray to prep body panels, chassis parts and frames for painting. Add single-stage primer to your HVLP paint gun or get self-etching aerosol spray primer. Both variations do not require a catalyst, speeding up application time. Our self-etching weld-thru primer combines all the adhesion benefits in a formula that provides additional corrosion protection when added before welding.

In most cases, painters follow the self-etch stainless steel primer with a urethane primer that fills in perfections and is sanded smooth. This also allows for the use of epoxy topcoats or Eastwood Chassis Black paint. If you aren’t planning on utilizing either of these finishes, consider Self-Etching High-Build Primer. It’s sandable like urethane primer while eliminating a step to save time.

Help New Paint Stick

Just like when building a house, a good auto painting job requires a good fountain. Self-etch primers are the best base when working with parts that have been stripped via sanding, polishing or abrasive blasting. Learn more about etch primer by searching the Eastwood Garage or calling the tech team. We’re a DIY automotive painting leader with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all purchases.

Self-Etching Primers contain an acid which etches the metal to provide a strong bond. Use self etch primers on steel, stainless steel, and aluminum panels. After applying self etch primer, you will typically follow up with a urethane primer to provide a high build surface which can then be block sanded smooth.

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