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Lincoln Industrial Mechanics Tools

Make fluid changes and lubrication a breeze with Lincoln Industrial automotive equipment. Most people think of welders when they hear the name Lincoln, however, veteran DIYers and professionals know Lincoln Industrial is just as big a deal. Since 1910, this Missouri-based company has been a pioneer in automotive maintenance. Lincoln Industrial established many of the part lubrication and fluid pumping practices that are now considered commonplace — and they also developed the equipment needed to make those practices possible. Browse the Lincoln Industrial Catalog at Eastwood and Do the Job Right on your auto project.

Lincoln Automotive Lubrication Equipment

Anytime you need to remove and/or store fluid from a car, Lincoln tools are the way to do it. The Lincoln Industrial Brake Bleeder Kit uses compressed air to bleed brake and clutch lines so you can remove trapped air. Bleed up to two quarts per minute by yourself without needing a second person to hit the pedals. A leak-proof plastic container holds the fluid to either add back into the system or safely dispose of.

The Manual Fluid Evacuator is a more general-purpose tool for draining fluid reservoirs, oil tanks, power steering pumps and transmissions as needed. If you already have a storage container, use the Fluid Transfer Pump to fill it in seconds. Other tools developed by Lincoln include grease guns, compressor couplers, oil drains and assorted fittings.

Tools Used By the Pros

The fluids and lubricants used in automobiles must be treated with care. These tools help you avoid spills, floor stains, accidental ingestion and other potential hazards. Use Lincoln Industrial fluid evacuation equipment on cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, farm equipment, boats and any other type of vehicle. Eastwood has a 90-day return policy and lifetime tech support on purchases. Learn more about vehicle maintenance and equipment at the Eastwood Garage.