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Basecoat Cheat Sheet

Equipment: Use a quality HVLP gun with a 1.3 -1.4 tip for best results.

Shooting Metallics: When possible shoot all panels together and in the orientation they will be on the car. Mix your paint well and practice spraying technique to eliminate "tiger stripping".

Do you have to shoot clear?: No, if you are going after a Matte finish you can stop at the basecoat, but for maximum durability, we recommend topcoating with our Matte Clear.

Base Coat Paints for Cars

Achieve a fine, deep look to your car's finish without hassle thanks to our collection of base coat paint. This is the foundation of the Eastwood base coat clear coat system trusted by DIYers of all experience levels. For anyone new to painting or who prefers a simpler appearance, our paints produce great results while being affordable.

We carry more than 70 different base coat paint colors. The selection goes beyond basic blacks, reds, greens and whites. There are metallic base coat paints, sapphire paints, pearl paints and others that give vehicles some pizzazz. Many of these paints either perfectly match OEM paint codes or are inspired by them for restorations. Unique colors are also available to make street rods one of a kind.

What is Base Coat Paint?

The base coat is the first layer of paint applied over the primer or an old finish. As the name implies, it serves as the base for a coating that goes over it. It looks best when applied using an HVLP paint gun with a 1.2-1.4 tip.

Most often, these colors are used as part of a base coat-clear coat paint system. The base provides color coverage while the clear coat provides extra shine and protection. However, one can also add translucent top coats such as the Eastwood Candeez series — or with or without custom effects. These complement the base coat to make it even more eye-catching.

Base Coat Painting Tips

To get free expert car painting assistance 24/7, visit the Eastwood Garage. We have hundreds of articles and videos, which includes resource about using base coat clear coat automotive paint. Our tech team is also available seven days a week by phone, email or live chat. Contact us for answers to all your questions. Eastwood base coats and mid coats have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.