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Shop Floor Coatings

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Coatings for Concrete Shop Floors

In a typical auto shop, the floor is in a lot of danger. Heavy equipment and jacks can ding, scratch or gouge the surface. And many have seen the result of oil and grease stains. Eastwood will help you extend the life and good looks of your workspace with premium shop floor paint and coatings. We have supplies and accessories from POR-15, Drylok and other leaders that will seal your floor against the harm that heavy use can cause.

Durable Garage Floor Sealers

The coatings available at Eastwood are formulated to outperform traditional water-based epoxies or acrylics. They contain both advanced urethane technology and a clear base for 2-component protection. These durable and flexible shop paints are resistant to impacts, abrasions, liquids, chemicals, UV rays and high temperatures. Our floor coatings are available in several colors and come ready to use for both new and old floors. Accessories such as skid texture additives and heavy-duty floor coverings will help your newly painted floor perform even better.

Prepare Your Floor for Painting

In order for your urethane or epoxy coatings to adhere, the floor needs to be in decent shape. Many shop paints come with a grease and oil remover to sop up excessive stains and prepare the surface for application. These concrete cleaners are available separately as well. If the floor has holes, cracks or missing sections, use a self-leveling shop concrete repair kit to permanently patch and level the surface.

Complete Shop Floor Coating Kits

For particularly large jobs, shop floor painting kits contain everything you need for a gorgeous and durable floor. These kits include topcoats, clear coats, activators, rollers, grease removers and other supplies for covering a floor up to 600 square feet. You might even add a fun touch with some decorative chips.

Great Floors for Great Cars

Use the best shop floor paints to give yourself a good surface to work on by shopping at Eastwood. Our comprehensive solutions will overhaul your garage to support the vehicles and equipment that occupy it.