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Berkebile Automotive Chemicals

Your car will look and perform better when it has Berkebile coatings and lubricants. The Berkebile Oil Company has been an industry leader since 1954 because of their high-quality products and constant innovation. Their experts developed superior formulas for performance and detailing, and furthermore, they never use recycled or “factory second” chemicals. That means both professionals and DIYers will always receive the best auto chemicals that are made and packaged in the U.S.

Vehicle Cleaners & Protectants

Use Berkebile vehicle cleaners to help any car look better and help its shiny appearance last. A can of 2+2® Auto Glass Cleaner will cut through the dirt, haze, grime and streaks that have built up on windshields and mirrors. It works great on chrome and stainless steel, too! Berkebile PFC Rust Aerosol is an easy way to add a long-lasting protective film to metal that shields against rust and corrosion. Do the same for the underside of your car with a PFC undercoating kit that is easy to apply.

Auto Performance Solutions

From standard maintenance to a complete restoration, Berkebile has a chemical that can help DIYers. Berkebile Super Penetrant Lubricant should be on every shop shelf. This formula loosens even the stiffest frozen parts and leaves behind a film of rust-inhibiting oil. It can even get water out of the ignition system if your engine is wet. If you’re having trouble finding the right gaskets and seals, just make your own with Berkebile silicone. This leak-proof material also comes in a high-temperature formula that can plug leaks in hoses and manifolds.

Ultimate Protection & Performance

Shop at Eastwood online, by catalog or in one of our retail locations to get Berkebile auto chemicals that Do the Job Right. These affordable products help your car look and perform better while being easy to use. Everything we sell has a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee so you can shop with confidence.