Four Post Lifts

Four Post Lifts

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Four Post Automotive Lifts

If you plan to take a vehicle off the road for an extended period, a four-corner alignment rack is the safest and most efficient way to do so. The 4-post automotive lift is excellent for long-term vehicle storage since it supports the entire car. They are also commonly used as an alignment lift and work well for basic maintenance, polishing and body repairs. Since a freestanding four post lift is so strong, you can confidently store tools, equipment and even an entire car underneath, freeing up more shop space. It’s a must for anyone who has seasonal vehicles or is serious about automotive work.

4-Post Alignment Lift

Keep your prized project car or Sunday cruiser safe when it’s taking a break thanks to an automotive storage lift from Eastwood. We are an authorized dealer of BendPak lifts such as the HDS-18E. This 18,000-lb. 4-post lift is a great introductory model that holds pretty much any muscle car, pony car or other popular restoration vehicle. Some lifts have a capacity of up to 40,000 pounds for commercial vans, semi-truck cabs and other huge automobiles. Extended length 4-post lifts are best for vintage full-size cars. Get an open front 4-post list for the most access or a closed front for emergency containment. An in-ground alignment rack will never budge while a bolt-down auto lift gives you more options for future shop renovations. We also offer duel platform lifts, super-high lifts and much more.

Get a Lift From a DIY Leader

As you can see, there are a lot of options when it comes to auto lifts. In addition to BendPak, we also offer four-posters from Titan, Danmar and Tuxedo. Call our tech team or visit the Eastwood Garage for assistance selecting the proper lift. We’ve been working with the DIY community since 1978 to help people Do the Job Right. Each four-post garage lift has lifetime tech support and 90-day returns.