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Eastwood Fender Roller

If you need more room between the fenders and the tires on your car, then you need a fender roller kit from Eastwood. Anyone who's ever put showy extra-wide wheels on a vehicle or has created a low-riding hot rod knows the importance of body clearance. But older methods of widening the fenders can be slow, imprecise and unwieldy. Our exclusive fender rollers will give you the space you need with a process so simple you can't believe you didn't use it before.

Precision Fender Widening

Instead of sticking a steel pipe or baseball bat between your fender and the tire, use the fender roller tool to smoothly widen them. Just bolt the forming arm onto the wheel mounting hub and roll the wheel along the fender lip or outer fender to gently widen it without compromising the sheet metal strength. The powder-coated steel arm is adjustable to fit most cars and light trucks. This tough tool can also be used to smooth out collision damage in the wheel arch or flatten the fender lip without cracking or chipping the paint.

Finishing Supplies

If you only need to add a little bit of clearance, Eastwood has thought of that, too. Fender forming pliers are a simple way to bend, roll and crimp the fender lip for extra space or to straighten a crease. You can use them to prepare new door skin edges as well before installation. A fender roller kit includes both in one convenient package to do professional-grade body tweaking. We also sell new adjustment screws if yours breaks and flange mount adapters for use with larger hubs.

Professional Fender Adjustments

You shouldn't have to resort to the brute force method or dig out your old little league bat to give your fenders and tires the gap they need. Eastwood auto body tools are a proven way to create the fender space needed for custom rides to prevent rubbing and tire damage. These rollers and pliers come with a one-year limited warranty and full replacement in case of defects.