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Duplicates the sheen and appearance of many OEM black wheels
Charcoal gray matches styled steel wheels, rim/center cap backgrounds
Silver argent matches look of styled steel wheels (muscle-era cars)
Wipe on, spray or dip to protect bare metal, paint, fiberglass and more
Only $65.99
Replicate the sparkle silver finish found on many OEM vehicle wheels or use for custom applications.

Starting at: $21.97

Protects aluminum, stainless, steel and more against the elements
Only $65.99
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See why Argent Silver is a must for Rally Wheels

Show us a modern automotive wheel catalog, and we'll show you a bunch of wheels that restoration enthusiasts would probably ignore.

Don't get us wrong: There are fantastic wheels on the market these days, made from superior metals for excellent performance and handling. But having been part of the DIY community for decades, we know that the folks who work on restoring vintage automobiles are sticklers for detail. A new set of custom wheels may not meet their standards.

That's why we offer a line of professional-quality automotive wheel paint as part of our more than 4,000 products for auto body workers. With our automotive wheel paint kits, you can return an original look for your project or get creative with your own design.

Wheels are built differently than other parts of your vehicle, which means you need different paint to get the same quality. A rim paint kit or spray from Eastwood will bring back the original OEM look of wheels or create a custom appearance for a favorite ride. Our aerosol wheel paints and protectants can be used on steel alloy wheels, aluminum wheels and chrome wheels for wherever you plan on driving.

Eastwood Automotive Wheel Paints

To paint wheels and restore them to their original beauty, you can't use just any paint, not even any automotive paint. That's why Eastwood brings you the best wheel paints for every purpose:

  • Silver argent color wheel paint to match stylized steel wheels, especially those of the muscle era.
  • Satin black for OEM black wheels and the black backgrounds on chrome wheels.
  • Nano-ceramic-fortified charcoal-color wheel paints.
  • You'll even find paints that match the fine silver or gold metallic flake paint found on high-end racing wheels.

If you are looking to preserve the shine on a set of polished aluminum wheels, protect them with SharkHide® or Eastwood Metal Protect.

Finishes for All Wheels

Shop today and find exclusive automotive wheel paint developed by DIY enthusiasts like you. These finishes are formulated to match the factory look in operating temperatures of up to 250 degrees. Our satin black wheel aerosol is perfect for OEM applications or chrome wheel backgrounds, while argent silver paint will give you that stylized sheen. Rally wheel paint is especially good for classic muscle cars.

Protective Wheel Coats

If you've just purchased new wheels or refreshed your old rims, a protective layer will help that polished shine last. Products such as SharkHide wheel protectant and Eastwood Metal Protect form a clear barrier against rust, dirt, salt, stains and UV rays. These flexible coatings are easy to apply and won't chip or discolor over time. Most can be used on multiple types of metal, so apply them to your entire fleet.

Powders & Custom Paints

Eastwood HotCoat® powders are made for high-end wheels that need the best coatings on the market. While they need to be applied using a powder coating gun and then cured in an oven, they offer brilliant colors and extreme durability. They also don't contain any solvents that can harm you or the environment. Our wheel sparkle powders give metal parts that unmistakable twinkle at speed or sitting in a driveway.

Guaranteed Quality

We are fully committed to helping auto lovers find the best products and get the most out of them every time. All of our wheel paint supplies come with a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee and our free tech advice. Discover the possibilities seven days a week online or at one of our stores.

What's your plan for your wheels? Going authentic or ostentatious? Our staff of experts is happy to help you find the best product for your needs. Call or email us today and tell us all about your vision, and we'll show you how to do the job right.


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