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DIY Hand Wrench Sets

Get the leverage you need on any type of fastener by keeping a supply of wrenches from Eastwood. The hand wrench is one of the most basic hand tools a mechanic can own. If you need a new metric or SAE wrench set, you’ll find it here. From classic wrench designs that have been used for more than a century to modern tools to fit modern hardware, Eastwood has a solution. We carry wrenches from ATD Tools, Powerbuilt, Ingersoll Rand and other top brands along with our in-house wrenches that built to professional standards.

Types of Wrench Kits

The number of wrenches has expanded greatly, and it’s important to choose the correct tools. Here are the most common wrench types and what they’re used for:

  • Combination Wrenches — A classic tool with both a closed end and an open U-shaped end for use on hexagonal and square nuts.
  • Torque Wrenches — Tools that apply a pre-set amount of torque, which is commonly used for lug nuts and other fasteners that require a certain tightness.
  • Ratchets — Also known as socket wrenches, these use a ratcheting mechanism to tighten or loosen fasteners without having to disconnect the wrench.
  • Ratcheting Wrenches — Hand tools with a traditional U-shaped opening on one end and a one-size ratcheting mechanism on the other end.
  • Hex Key Wrenches — Drivers for turning fasteners that have an internal hexagonal socket. They’re also known as Allen wrenches.
  • Crescent Wrenches — Adjustable wrenches with a spiral screw to change the width of the open end.

These tools come in many sizes and set sizes. Whether you just need a single open-end ratchet wrench or want a 14-piece combo wrench kit, we have it in stock. With the right drivers, your restoration will never get a monkey wrench thrown in mid-project. All Eastwood-branded wrenches have a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and lifetime tech support.