Trunk Spatter Paints

Trunk Spatter Paints
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Spatter Paint for Vehicle Trunks

We know that when you're working on a car restoration, every inch of it has to be perfect. That includes making the trunk look just like the original spatter design as well. Why do car manufacturers make all their trunks look like an amateur Jackson Pollock painting? We admit that we don't really know. But that's what our customers demand for an accurate look, and we've produced multi-color spatter that is up to the task. If you need GM trunk spatter paint, Ford spatter paint or have any other car model you're restoring, you can get it at Eastwood.

Premium Aerosol Trunk Coatings

Our trunk spatter paint will make even old trunks look and feel new again. These aerosol coatings use a combination of water-based and solvent-based pigment to help achieve that unique speckled look with no mess to clean up. They are rated for temperatures up to 200 degrees, which means they can endure the sun beating down on a hot summer day. We have matched the color schemes most often used in trunk interiors, which include black and white, black-aqua, gray-white and gray-black.

Eastwood trunk paints are made to be used as part of a 3-stage coating process for your metal trunk. Start with our gray self-etching primer or black rust encapsulator, then add the trunk paint that matches your vehicle's OEM look or your personal tastes. Finish it off with Diamond Clear to waterproof your trunk for long-lasting use.

Do More with Eastwood Paints

People on the street may never see the inside of your trunk - but that doesn't matter when it comes to your pride and joy. Trust Eastwood when you need every inch of your car to look just right. One 12 oz. aerosol can of paint covers up to six square feet, so one or two cans will be enough for most vehicle trunks. We've been the name to trust since 1978 and are ready to assist you with your DIY painting.