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Iwata HVLP Paint Guns

When both professional painters and DIYers want the finest results, they choose an Iwata paint gun. Anest Iwata has been designing and manufacturing paint sprayers for more than a century. Since the Model T Ford was the car of choice, so has been the quality and precision of an Anest Iwata spray gun. They're made in Japan and trusted by high-end custom car builders around the world — including many of the auto enthusiasts who work in Eastwood's shop.

HVLP Guns for Every Skill Level

Part of the reason more people count on an Iwata gravity spray gun is that they make products to fit a wide range of users. The Iwata LPH400 — also known as the Supernova — is a pro-level HVLP gun with patented LV technology. This means precise coverage and less overspray with both solvent-based and waterborne products. The Supernova does this on less than 10 CFM of compressed air. Conversely, the Iwata Air Gunsa is a fine choices for beginners and casual automotive painters. This Iwata mini spray gun has an ergonomic body to be comfortable for long sessions.

Each paint gun model has several options to fit your needs. You can order them with a smaller needle for base and clear coats or a larger needle for primer. They come with or without a paint cup to control overspray and exposure. Use the search filters to find a paint gun that fits your project requirements and budget.

Advice From Iwata Experts

Eastwood is more than just an official distributor of Iwata spray gun products. We use them regularly and know just how well they perform. Call us to speak with a DIY expert — we'll tell you more about the features of each paint gun and whether those features are one you actually need. Add an Eastwood service plan when you check out for even more protection on top of our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.