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Air Compressors for Automotive Airbrushing

Transform vehicles and equipment into true works of air with an airbrush compressor from Eastwood. Custom airbrushing is an auto painting method that, when done right, produces graphics a decal can’t touch. To perform this technique, you will need the right air compressor. We offer several high-quality airbrushing compressors from our large selection of custom airbrush painting supplies. They’re developed in-house based on our automotive experience and feedback from the DIY painting community.

Custom Airbrushing Shop Compressors

Shop at Eastwood online, in-store or by catalog to find a compressor that meets the unique needs of the automotive artist. Generally speaking, an airbrush compressor should produce less than 1 HP or be capable of running at this level. This power rating allows for delicate detail in smaller graphics. More powerful compressors are best if you want to spray large designs quickly. The airbrushes we sell operate best at 20-50 PSI, so you will also need a compressor capable of those compressed air levels.

The Eastwood Pancake Compressor is the top compressor we sell for fine detailing at a DIY price. The 1/3-HP motor, oil-less design and quick-connect coupler make it a fine piece of equipment for both new and veteran airbrushers. It also works well for HotCoat™ powder coating, tire inflation and basic air tools. Scroll compressors are a solid choice for large-scale airbrushing work. They’re far quieter and more compact than traditional shop compressors while offering the same power. Find an in-between with our 2-HP Single Stage Air Compressor that does almost everything an automotive hobby shop needs.

Make Auto Graphics Like a Pro

Use the right air compressors and other equipment for your automotive artwork by trusting Eastwood. We’re a DIY painting leader because we offer high-quality products backed by lifetime tech support and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Read up on Airbrush FAQ’s and other valuable information at the Eastwood Garage.