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Air Lines, Hoses & Reels

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Air Line hoses and Reels

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Once you’ve purchased a powerful new two-stage air compressor or scroll compressor, it’s time to find the proper lines for actually connecting them to pneumatic tools. Hook up the plumbing that’s right for your shop equipment by visiting Eastwood. We sell an assortment of air hoses, reels and connectors to fit a wide scope of projects. You can get a single air line hose and couple to run your favorite sander, plumbing the entire shop with half a dozen outlets for connecting equipment, or anything in between. We work with brands such as Rapid Air, ATD Tools, DeVilbiss and True Power while also developing in-house solutions.

Air Compressor Air Line Kits

Every compressor needs a line that air can flow through. We stock all sorts of air lines for shop installations. A basic Rapid Air tubing kit includes 100 feet of hose plus cutting and beveling tools to customize where air flows. This piping is also offered as part of a master air compressor line kit to set up workstations. The FastPipe modular system is the best pipe for air compressor lines when durability, efficiency and ease of setup are your priorities. If you’re doing a single-line setup, consider an Eastwood retractable air hose reel that rolls right up when you’re done. The hose itself is available in several diameters to fit various compressors.

Air Hose Accessories

Build a custom air system from scratch or make repairs/upgrades to your existing plumbing with our selection of air line components. Eastwood has air outlet kits, fittings, pipe clips, air cooling kits, safety couplers and other supplies. All of these things ensure you’ll have clean high-pressure air for running pneumatic hand tools, powering auto paint equipment or inflating your winter tires. Contact Eastwood’s experts or watch our product videos for more information about filling your shop with compressed air.