Interior Paints and Dyes

Interior Paints and Dyes

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Eastwood Interior Dye for Cars

Most people will only see the outside of your car - but you spend a lot of time looking at the inside as you drive. It only makes sense for the interior to be bright and beautiful as well. Auto interior dyes from Eastwood will add lasting color to your seats, steering wheels, carpets, floorboards and tops. Make your project car look like it did when it first hit the showroom floor, bring back the luster of your daily commuter or customize a hot rod with the right coatings.

When most people hear about upholstery, they think about curtains and furniture. But we've been around enough restoration enthusiasts to know that their minds immediately turn to the insides of their cars.

A lot of gearheads focus on engine bays or drive trains, but restoration enthusiasts are focused on every part of their project. That includes the inside, where they spend just as much time painting a dashboard as they do cutting sheet metal for the exterior.

At Eastwood, we know that the interior of your project is just as important as any other part of your project. That's why, among our 4,000 auto body products and tools, you'll find professional-quality interior paints and dyes so you can restore, modernize or customize your insides. Each one carries our 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee.

Quality OEM Interior Paint

Our car interior dye is easy to apply and is available in numerous colors to match the OEM specifications of most manufacturers. We carry SEM automotive interior spray paint and interior vinyl coatings that won't peel, crack or fade over time. These flexible dyes can be used on a variety of surfaces such as plastic, vinyl, leather and velour. They are UV-resistant and abrasion-resistant, so they will handle all the time you spend in your convertible with the top down. Other products we offer include steering wheel restoration kits and protective flexible interior clears.

Combat Problem Plastics

Certain modern plastics such as TPO, high-density polyethylene and EPDM are known for coatings not sticking very well. If your interior has these "problem plastics," a plastic adhesion promoter will help your dyes and coatings adhere to them. These tie-coats can be sprayed or brushed on and help paint hold on many different surfaces with a flawless finish. If you have multiple surfaces, coat each of them so you have a uniform look. Certain adhesion promoters can also be mixed into the interior dye to help make them more flexible for application and use.

Restore Your Car Interior

People say it's what's inside that counts, and that's certainly true of cars. We have found the best interior dyes and adhesion coatings so anybody who peeks into your vehicle will like what they see. Our expert technicians and auto painters are standing by to assist if you have any questions.

Contact us via phone or email and tell us about your project, including all your plans for the seats, dash and other interior elements. We'll help you find products that help bring your vision to life, so you can get your project out of the garage and on the road. After all, you're spending time and money to enjoy that vehicle, not store it.