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Automotive Rotisserie Equipment

If you are like most people, doing an actual frame off restoration of your car is just not possible without moving to a house with a larger garage. Luckily, these days you can mount your project to a rotisserie and work on all sides on it in little more than the space of a 1 car garage. Eastwood carries a rotisserie for just about any car you are likely to be working on. Plus we have dedicated stands on wheels to easily move around bodies, body parts and other large sub-assemblies. And all the accessories you may ever need too.

Rotisserie Lift & Body Cart Solutions

We offer a variety of adjustable car rotisseries to access all sides of a vehicle in a one-car garage or driveway. Our Auto Twirler and Merrick car stands allow you to work smarter at every stage. A heavy-duty car rotisserie holds up to 3,000 pounds - enough to support a complete vehicle. Smaller automotive carts can carry a body, frame, engine, truck bed or other specific parts. These car stands on wheels are made of steel and use a special locking system to stabilize parts so one person can safely spin them.

Mounting Brackets & Door Bars

With the right accessories, you can really take your auto dolly to the next level. Mounting bracket kits and carts designed for specific car models give enthusiasts a perfect fit every time they work. Several sizes of universal brackets and mounting arms are in stock as well. If you need to take the doors off, adjustable steel door bars will act as bracing, maintaining the alignment of the rest of the body so it stays straight.

Restorations Made Simple

When a section of a car needs to be removed for restoration work, an auto rotisserie will save space and headaches. Instead of parts scattered all around a shop, you can keep them together in one place for a more practical approach. Eastwood has been helping enthusiasts find these and other solutions since 1978 and is glad to help you select the right dedicated stand.