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Jet 20" Floor Drill Press 115/230V 1Ph JDP-20MF
Only $1,189.00
Jet 15" Variable Speed Floor Model Drill Press 115/230V 1Ph J-A5816
Only $2,099.00
JET J-2500, 15" Floor Model Drill Press 115V 1Ph
Only $747.00
Drill Doctor Model 750X
Only $169.99
Drill Doctor Model 350X
Only $72.99
Freestanding Drill Press includes digital readout, laser sight and more
Only $619.99
Includes digital readout, laser sight, 1/2" chuck and more
Only $359.99
Here's how to drill thru the center of bar stock, round tubing
Only $17.99
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Auto Drill Press Equipment

As strong as your hands are from years of working on cars, sometimes they just aren't enough to drill through metal by themselves. A drill press provides the added leverage and stable work surface you need for quickly boring holes into thick metal. Furthermore, these machines add a new level of accuracy to your fabrication work, as the bit is less likely to slip or wander. Order a drill press unit from Eastwood if you want precision equipment for big projects.

Drill Press Machines for Shops

Choose between a floor drill press or a bench mount drill press from Woodward Fabrication if you need more boring power. A typical drill press can have a mount for a hand drill or its own unit to which you attach bits. The freestanding press has a little more horsepower while the compact bench mount press is a convenient unit for when space is tight. Both styles have variable speed, laser sights, table tilts and other features to drill perfect holes.

Drill Sharpeners & Blocks

Your hands might get a break with a drill press, but they can still wreak havoc on even a quality drill bit. If you're using this equipment, make sure you also get a Drill Doctor drill bit sharpener as well. These adjustable tools will restore dull or damaged bits so you can use them longer. Another great shop accessory is our V-Block Fixture Center for drilling pipes. These blocks keep the pipe or tubing in place as you work so it doesn't slide around.

Put Holes Exactly Where You Need Them

Eastwood has been developing and providing better auto work solutions since 1978 and is eager to do the same for you. With our products and services, you'll feel like an expert even if you've never worked a drill before. Head to the Eastwood Garage online for more tips on fabrication and restoration for all levels of car guys and gals.


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