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Electrical Tools

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Automotive Electrical Tools

Eastwood Auto Electrical Tools

Modern cars and automotive equipment have a lot of internal electronics that keep your engine, sensors, power windows, radio and other components running strong. If you like working on your commuter or want to outfit a classic car with present-day systems, you'll need quality automotive electrical wiring tools on hand. Eastwood has the right tools for cutting, stripping and crimping wires or for soldering them permanently into place. And if you need to use those electronics to power other accessories, we can help you do that, too!

Connectors & Wiring

We've lost track of how many cars have towed into our shop due to a loose or rusted connector. By using these electric tools for cars, your important connections will stay tight. Our team has put together several connector crimping kits, including weather-proof and solderless options, for installing wires and harnesses. We also make wire strippers, cable tie guns, soldering guns and terminal release tools. And of course, you'll find plenty of connectors, housings and terminals for joining everything together.

Power & Fuses

What good is all that wiring if there's no power? With the right electrical accessories, you'll always have the "juice" you need. Keeping a battery charger or jump starter on hand can get you and others out of a jam. Pop the hood on a sunny day and you can go electricity-free with a solar battery charger. Power inverters can turn your vehicle into a mini-generator to run power tools, chargers, entertainment devices and appliances. Our fuse sets contain everything that's commonly replaced on a car or powersport machine.

Tools for Safe Electrical Work

Repairing electronics can be dangerous, but we have taking every precaution with our products. Each tool is coated with insulation materials to prevent shocks, and we sell a variety of diagnostic tools such as multimeters so you know if things are safe to use. Everything you see here has a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee from the DIY automotive leader.