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Car Pinstripe Tape

Turn your car into a rolling artistic canvas with our selection of striping tape. Many custom car and motorcycle builders love using pinstriping, airbrushing and other techniques to paint one-of-a-kind vehicle art. While some masters do these designs freehand, striping tape is a great tool for beginners. Just use this pinstriping stencil tape to mask out the artwork, then cover the areas surrounding it so it’s impossible to paint outside the lines. Experts even count on our car graphics team to ensure every illustration is blemish-free.

Automotive Artwork Tape

Eastwood sells 3M Norton vinyl masking tape made specifically for pinstriping. This is the most flexible painting tape we’ve found, making it a great tool for when artwork — or the body panels you’re painting on — has a lot of curves. With pinstriping tape, laying out a flame job has never been easier. You’ll also be able to custom airbrush over rivets and seams without worry. We carry both 1/8-inch and ¼-inch vehicle art tape with simple peel-and-stick application.

There are two ways to use pinstripe tape. One is to apply the tape directly to the car, marking out the design as you go. The other is to construct a pinstriping stencil and use that to apply repeatable patterns. This is excellent if you want to put a lot of stars, circles, diamonds and other shapes on a car or bike with a consistent shape. Call us or visit the Eastwood tech library for free expert advice.

DIY Custom Car Graphics

Count on Eastwood to help you take your vehicle decoration to the next level. Pair this flexible masking tape with pinstriping paint, airbrushes, striping brushes, practice boards and other affordable tools. We work with the best graphic artists in the automotive industry so you can Do the Job Right.

Pinstriping a Motorcycle with Tramp Warner

One of the most popular pinstriping projects is the custom flame job. If you want to do it right, but still take the easy way, Eastwood has stencils to speed it up and professional quality masking tapes to make masking it easier. If you are laying out your first flame job, order the complete Auto Air Fire kit with a how-to DVD, airbrush paints and stencils, then start shooting. Plus there are stencils for stars, circles, ovals, splats and more.