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Eastwood Gas Tank Solutions

When it comes to autos, a bad gas tank is a one-way ticket to the slow lane. But if you have an older model car or motorcycle, sometimes it's not possible to replace the tank. And these tanks are the ones most susceptible to the more powerful chemicals in modern fuel. Eastwood offers a variety of products for sealing leaky tanks, removing rust or just removing sludge for better for performance. In addition to our own premium products, we carry POR-15 fuel tank supplies that are legendary in the industry.

Gas Tank Paint Sealers

When it comes to safety, there's no such thing as a minor gas leak. If you have a pinhole leak in your tank, a good sealer can close it up and prevent further damage. Our gas tank sealers can be used on older steel tanks, modern aluminum tanks and certain models of fiberglass tanks that have held either gas or diesel fuel. Thoroughly coating your tank will stop these dangerous leaks and stop future rusting.

Fuel Tank Repair Kits

For a complete overhaul of your metal tank, pick up a gas tank sealer kit or repair kit. Sealers won't work on a contaminated tank, and these 4-step kits contain everything you need to get rid of the gunk from old fuel or hard use. They can include degreasers for removing gum and sludge, rust remover removers and metal preparation washes with the fuel tank sealer being the final step. Even if you don't actually have a tank leak, a repair kit can renew fuel system performance and make it feel like new. We have both cycle kits and car kits for treating any tank up to 20 gallons in size.

All-Around Performance from Eastwood

Gas tanks can go bad from the outside or the inside, and you need products that treat either source of trouble. These solutions will keep gas in your motor and rust out of it for better, safer performance. We offer a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee on all of our fuel tank sealers and repair kits.