Low Rise Scissor Lifts

Low Rise Scissor Lifts

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DIY Low Rise Lift Systems

When you need a fast and safe way to elevate your car for repairs, a low-rise scissor lift is the right choice. Low-rise automotive lifts slide underneath the vehicle and use an accordion-like mechanism to get it up in the air. It’s quicker than setting up jack stands while still letting you work on the engine, tires and suspension. A platform short-rise car lift has a low profile when not in use and is also fully portable. Put it in the trunk and bring it to a friend’s house or the local race track so you’re always ready for repairs.

Low Rise Automotive Lifts

Shop at Eastwood for a BendPak low rise lift plus other leading shop equipment brands such as Tuxedo and Danmar. The BendPak 10,000-lb. Scissor Lift is an all-purpose portable auto lift that can support just about any car, truck or van used by DIYers. A smaller 6,000-lb. capacity low car lift will hold most daily drivers and won’t put a hurt on your bank account.

The electric/hydraulic power system can be placed wherever is most convenient. Safety features such as multi-position locks, rubber lifting blocks and a tow handle make the low rise lift secure. They collapse to just a few inches high so even low-clearance vehicles can drive over them without issues. If you need more access to the undercarriage for oil changes and drive train work, consider a pit-style car lift.

Movable Auto Lift Solutions

For more information about our pro-grade low rise lifts, click on a product or email the Eastwood tech team. The Eastwood Garage is another great resource to help you choose the correct system. We’ve been a DIY leader since 1978 because we provide great service to go with our affordable equipment and tools. These lifts are fully warrantied for up to three years so you’ll have peace of mind in case any problems arise.