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Protective Clothing for Autobody Work

Reduce the chances of injury, illness or ruined shirts while you work by wearing gear from Eastwood’s safety clothing store. Personal protective equipment is required in professional automotive shops — and if we could require it for DIYers, we would. The upfront cost of safety protective clothing is a lot less than the potential medical bills and project time lost if you don’t wear it. We sell jackets and coveralls developed in-house or made by industry leaders like Gen-Nex and DeVilbiss. Our safety clothing store has the solutions to Do the Job Right when painting, welding and metal finishing.

Shop Safety Clothing

You’ll be well-protected and look great in Eastwood safety apparel. If you’re a metal fabricator, an Eastwood welding jacket is a must. These affordable heavyweight jackets have a special treatment to resist flames, mildew and static. The treatment lasts for more than 50 washes, assuring you’ll have a long-lasting barrier against sparks or molten metal spatter.

Painter’s coveralls are another smart investment to prevent paint from covering you and your work clothes. Our disposable shop coveralls are made of a patented heat-dissipating material that forms a liquid-proof barrier. You might even wear them for powder coating, buffing, detailing and other projects. Painting suits are available with or without a hood. All protective apparel is offered in multiple sizes so there’s something that fits.

Automotive Safety Apparel

Eastwood sells a variety of other shop safety equipment for autobody workers and general mechanics. Shop online or in-store to find gloves, eyewear, respirators and other gear that helps you stay ready for many more projects. To learn more about how to stay safe in an automotive shop, visit the Eastwood Garage or browse our tech library. We’ve been helping DIYers Do the Job Right and do it safely since 1978.