Storage Cabinets

Storage Cabinets

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Metal Storage Cabinets

In between projects, your tools and accessories will be secure inside an Eastwood auto shop cabinet. These large steel cupboards offer the spacious shelves and racks needed for power tools, oils, welders and much more. Your equipment will sit behind closed doors safe from contaminants and accidental bumps. Eastwood sells a variety of Homak and BADASS metal wall cabinets to organize your tool investments. Whether you need a single tool cupboard or a full wall of storage cabinets, Eastwood has the right solution.

Durable Automotive Cabinets

Shop storage cabinets come in many sizes and shapes. Floor standing cases such as the 60-gallon safety cabinet are the largest option, giving you room to hold everything from air compressors to flammable liquids. A wall mount tool box bolts directly to the wall above a table or piece of equipment, maximizing the available space. Some are an open cavern while others have several shelves to store smaller items. Our bin cabinet is perfect if you keep a lot of different fasteners on hand. Most cabinets have two doors, but you can get a single-door storage cabinet if you don’t want the center post blocking wider objects.

Rolling metal cabinets are a great choice if you prefer mobile storage. They have four heavy-duty casters to slide your tools and accessories wherever they’re needed. Other options include modular drawer cabinets, accessory cabinets, welding supply cabinets and adjustable shelf cabinets. They’re made of high-quality steel with long manufacturer warranties.

Garage Storage for Less

Eastwood knows your tools, equipment and accessories will only last if you take care of them. A metal wall cabinet is an investment that pays dividends for both DIYers and professionals. We have competitive prices, 90-day returns and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Call or email our tech team for free expert assistance choosing a cabinet.