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Beugler Pinstriper has 3 single-stripe wheel heads; no blobs, drop-outs
Only $110.99
Beugler Pinstriper has 7 single-stripe wheel heads; no blobs, drop-outs
Only $164.99
Use this magnetic strip to guide your hand when striping freehand

Only $21.99

Sale $18.97

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Beugler Striping Tools

Help your project car earn its stripes by using Beugler striper kits to add these custom details. Pinstriping on vehicles was once a time-consuming, highly technical task — until S.B. Beugler came along. He first invented Beugler auto stripe painting tools in the early 1930s so others at his auto shop could perform the same accurate dagger brushing pinstriping that he did so well by hand. Ever since then, his company has continued to improve and expand on the original design. Now DIYers everywhere can quickly decorate their cars, trucks and motorcycles with everything from basic lines to complex artwork thanks to Beugler pinstriping supplies.

Professional Pinstriping Kits

Paint precision pinstripes in your own garage or shop with custom pinstriping kit from Eastwood. These kits have everything you need to lay down consistent paint lines with no blobs, drips, gaps, drop-outs or other imperfections. Each one contains a variety of single-stripe wheel heads along with a paint barrel, guide rods and clean-up brush so you can stripe the way you like. The Beugler Deluxe Pinstriping Kit has three wheels in varying widths while the Pro Striping Kit comes with seven wheels for fine lines, broad strokes and everything in-between.

Add Stripes Anywhere

With Beugler tools, every DIYer can do pro-quality custom painting. These tools produce great results on metal, fiberglass, glass, and even cloth and wood. You’ll have no trouble with curved or rough surfaces either. No brushes, tape, spray or gravity are required when you have the best pinstriping tools in the industry. Add ink instead of paint and you can make custom shirts for your shop! Eastwood also has accessories such as magnetic guide pinstriping strips to help steady your hand whether you’re using the tools or going freehand. Furthermore, Beugler backs their auto striping tools with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Visit the Eastwood Garage or call the shop for tips on how to get started with pinstriping.