Engine Stands and Cranes

Engine Stands and Cranes

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Automotive Engine Stands and Cranes

The Right Tools for Engine Work

There’s only so much you can do to an engine while it’s inside your car or truck. If you have a major rebuild ahead or are swapping powerplants, you’ll need to get the motor out safely. A car engine stand and engine crane from Eastwood are important tools for both professional engine builders and DIY enthusiasts. Enjoy full access to every square inch of a Chevy small block, Ford flathead or Chrysler Hemi by setting it on the right engine lift.

Best Engine Hoist Tools

Before you can start work on a motor, you need to get it out of the engine bay. Remove your engine with ease using an Eastwood Engine Crane. This engine hoist and chain combination delivers steady lifting; when you’re done, it folds up for storage. We have both a 1-ton engine gantry crane and 2-ton version for larger projects. Axle, differential and transmission jacks are also available along with an electric engine lifting chain.

Once the engine is extracted, secure it on a MotoFeet engine stand. These made-in-the-USA steel engine stands are crafted to fit specific engine types from GM and Ford. In addition to working on an engine, you can also use a stand for storage or shipping. Add a set of steel or rubber castors if you need to wheel the engine around the shop to make space.

Service and Support for Your Projects

Eastwood has industry-leading support to make sure you select the correct engine hoist equipment and use it the right way. Call or email us to learn more about what products are available. Clicking on a product will bring to you instructions, videos, photos and other information to help you Do the Job Right. All engine stands and cranes have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.