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Auto Paint Mixing & Preparation

Make sure the final result of your restoration looks as good as you imagined with Eastwood automotive paint mixing tools. It doesn’t matter how much work you do preparing the body for a paint job if you don’t give the paint itself proper care. When you apply paint, it must be evenly mixed and free of imperfections. If it’s not, the risks of uneven colors, patchy coverage, surface bumps and peeling go up significantly. We carry the best selection of paint mixing supplies that were developed either by the Eastwood R&D guys or by leading brands such as DeVilbiss, Blair, Tuxedo and 3M.

Paint Mixing Tools

Your automotive paint will be perfectly smooth, even and debris-free if you have the right gear. Start with a car paint mixer from our huge assortment. Basic wooden paint stir sticks, wand and mixing cups are fine for small batches or blending colors. They come in many sizes, and some universal paint mix cups have measurement lines so the amounts are just right. To get a full can of paint ready for spraying, use the Rockwood® Pneumatic Paint Shaker. With 70 PSI of compressed air, this paint mixing machine can perfectly stir up to a one-gallon paint can in just two minutes.

Paint Filtering & Storage

Keep dirt, bugs, metal flakes and other contaminants out of your paint with DeVilbiss DeKONES paint strainers. The smooth funnel shape cleans the paint and removes unmixed globes for a professional result. You’ll also need a place to do your preparation. Order paint storage mixing tables and cabinets — or if your shop is big enough, install a paint mixing booth dedicated to this delicate task. Eastwood has a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all equipment so you can Do the Job Right. Visit the Eastwood Garage online 24/7 for paint mixing advice and general car painting tips.

Paint Mixing Equipment

You can sweat the preparation of your body work all you want, if the paint isn't clean and mixed properly you're never going to get a good finish. Its important to keep the paint clean from imperfections when it goes in the gun, and when it goes on the car. Eastwood has filters to make sure no bugs or dirt makes it into your gun. We've also got mixing cups specially labeled to make sure your two stage paint and activator get mixed in the perfect ratios. Spraying metallics, pearls or metal flake? Or just mixing your own custom colors? You may want our pneumatic paint shaker to insure that can of paint is perfectly mixed and a uniform color all the way through.