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Innova Vehicle Diagnostics

Dig beneath the surface to find what’s ailing your car with our selection of Innova Electronics tools. Innova is one of the leaders in aftermarket automotive testing equipment. Their products can diagnose and fix problems or tune the on-board computer for better power, acceleration and efficiency. Every Innova tool and tester is researched, developed and designed right here in the U.S. We proudly use Innova shop equipment on our vehicles and can help you do the same for daily commuters, DIY restorations or performance hot rods.

Automotive Testing Equipment

Innova makes dozens of testers for automobiles from every era. They offer OBD1 scanning tools for vintage vehicles and OBD2 diagnostic testers for the next generations. Both provide a road map for analyzing data from the engine, transmission, fuel system and exhaust. The company also makes digital multimeters that can pinpoint issues with the alternator, wiring, solenoids and other electric engine parts. Other valuable tools include circuit testers, compression testers, inspection cameras and tire pressure gauges.

One of our favorite Innova automotive tools is their timing lights, which diagnose problems with spark plug firing and ignition function. The Inductive Timing Light is an analog system that works on most vehicles without distributors. A Professional Digital Timing Light provides even more readings on a convenient backlit display. Check out their accessories such as OBD1 adapters, extension cables and inductive pick-ups to use tools wherever they are needed.

Fine-Tune Your Car

If there’s a problem underneath the hood or in the vehicle electronics, an Innova tool can figure out what the issue is. Call us seven days a week for advice about their diagnostic equipment or if you need a tool that isn’t listed here. Eastwood is an authorized Innova dealer with lifetime technical support and 90-day returns on their products.