Exhaust System Tools

Exhaust System Tools

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Automotive Exhaust Tools

Make your next exhaust replacement go as smoothly by using our car exhaust tools and accessories. While some OEM and custom exhausts can be bolted on with standard hand tools, others — especially those on newer or high-end vehicles — may require special exhaust tools designed for such a task. Even if these tools aren’t a necessity, they still reduce work time and headaches. Eastwood carries Powerbuilt exhaust system tools and other high-quality automotive tool brands. Anyone who frequently works on exhausts or deals with unique systems will get the benefits of having great tools in their shop.

Tools for Exhaust Repair & Replacement

Get everything you need to repair or replace exhaust pipes by shopping at Eastwood. The Powerbuilt Exhaust Set Kit is an all-in-one package for exhausts up to 3.5-inches in diameter. You’ll receive a chain cutter for trimming pipe, a nut splitter for breaking corroded old bolts, a pair of adjustable pipe expanders and a durable storage case. The expanders can both stretch metal pipes and remove dents.

You may also need an oxygen sensor socket set for your garage. Installing the sensors correctly ensure the engine and ECU are getting the correct information from the exhaust system. These three-piece kits cover most domestic and foreign vehicles, helping you reach where ordinary wrenches refuse to go. Powerbuilt service equipment is backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and built to last a lifetime.

Custom Exhaust System Tools

By using professional exhaust installation tools instead of general-purpose tools, you’ll be able to work faster and smarter. Eastwood has lifetime tech support by phone or email if you ever have questions about how to use your new tools. Browse the rest of our automotive specialty tools for everything you might need to keep a busy DIY shop humming.