Chevy/GM Headers and Exhaust Manifolds

Chevy/GM Headers and Exhaust Manifolds

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Chevy Exhaust Headers & Manifolds

Whether you’re replacing a rusty and cracked header or want to build a GM-based custom hot rod, Eastwood has the right parts. We sell an assortment of Chevy exhaust headers and manifolds made in the USA by Hooker and other premium manufacturers. Both the header and manifold do the same basic job of capturing the dangerous gases produced from burning fuel, such as carbon monoxide, and safely releasing them through the exhaust pipes.

Some GM engines use headers, which are a solid cast iron part stretching across all cylinders. Other powerplants utilize a manifold consistent of individual steel tubes for the exhaust pipes. No matter which your motor requires, you can get the right Chevy headers and manifolds at Eastwood. These components are an OEM fit while being designed for superior exhaust flow, increasing power, torque and accelerations in classic cars.

Restoration & Performance GM Headers

Dozens of options are available to Do the Job Right with your repair, replacement or custom upgrade. Get a Chevy big block manifold, 350 Chevy exhaust manifolds, GM long tube headers, competition shorty headers and other styles. You also can shop by vehicle or engine type. Search for 1962-67 Chevy Nova headers, GM LS engine manifolds, 1982-92 Chevy Camaro headers and other motors popular in the DIY community. These parts are made of strong materials such as stainless steel with a polished or black-painted finish. Ceramic-coated headers offer even more heat resistance to handle the rigors of street and track performance.

Eastwood is your source for the best DIY Chevy exhaust parts and the expert knowledge you need to make them sing. Visit the Eastwood Garage for an avalanche of information about headers, manifolds and general exhaust repairs. Our tech team is also available seven days a week by phone, email or at a retail store.