Cutting Tools

Cutting Tools

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Cutting Tools and Aviation Snips

Cutting Tools from Eastwood make it easy to cut sheet metal

Eastwood offers a wide selection of metal cutting tools including aviation snips and shears. Making clean and accurate cuts is easy with the right tools from Eastwood.

Metal Cutting Tools

Aviation Snips, commonly referred to as Tin Snips are must have tools for anyone tackling a metal fabrication project. Tin Snips allow you to make clean straight or curved cuts in sheet metal. Whether you are fabricating a patch panel or need to cut a piece of sheet metal, quality snips make the job easy. Eastwood offers a wide selection of Wiss Aviation Snips and Eastwood Tin Snips to handle all of your fabrication needs.

We have hole saws for putting round holes in just about anything you'd need to. Our saws are better then most bargain versions you get at big box stores because they have welded seams and minimal run out for more consistent holes.