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Air Compressors from Chicago Pneumatic

If you have a lot of air-powered tools in your shop, then a company with “pneumatic” in its name is a good bet for providing a reliable source of air. Chicago Pneumatic has been a pioneer in professional and industrial equipment since 1901, and that equipment is now used in more than 150 countries around the world. The company, which is known to its fans and customers as “CP”, makes products that are trusted for construction, mining, infrastructure and other tough applications. So your DIY automotive shop is nothing they can’t handle! When you order a Chicago Pneumatic air compressor, you’re receiving one built for high performance and value.

Industrial Shop Compressors

Eastwood is an authorized distributor of CP compressors such as the 80-Gallon Air Compressor 7581VQP that are built to Do the Job Right. These compressed air units are made in the U.S. with a rugged cast iron air cylinder that is practically indestructible. The enclosed motor and pump makes them the quietest industrial air compressor around so you can still hear shop-mates or the radio as you work. Chicago Pneumatic also adds cooling fins and an aluminum head to help reduce heat so the compressor stays strong during long shop sessions. If the temperature does get too high, the unit will automatically shut down to prevent permanent damage.

Always Stay Full of Air

Power everything from pneumatic drills and grinders to a large abrasive blaster using the best air compressors from Chicago Pneumatic. They are the most powerful compressors of their size and will instantly transform your shop. Each one has a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and Eastwood’s 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee. Give us a call and ask a DIY expert if these high-end compressors are right for your shop.