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Threading Tap and Die Sets

Bolt Threading Tools

Mechanics like to say that any 20-minute project is one bad bolt away from becoming a weekend-long affair. Instead of trying to chase down new bolts at local hardware stores, do your own bolt work using a tap and die set or thread cleaner from Eastwood. These tools are essential for fabrication and restoration work. Even if you don't yet know the difference between a tap and a die, you can create or fix bolt threads like a pro with our bolt repair tools and expert service.

Complete Tap and Die Set

Why search for the right bolt when you can make it yourself? Eastwood has assembled SAE and metric tap and die sets that are less expensive than buying each component separately. Use a tap to cut a new nut and the matching die to cut or form a bolt - they will go together like peanut butter and jelly. Our large tap and die set has more than 100 pieces, including hard-to-find bits for vintage cars.

Thread Repair Tools

If you just need to tidy up some bolts from an old junker, a bolt thread cleaner will do the job. Use these self-adjusting tools to strip away dirt or rust while restoring the threads to their original form so they go back on easier than they came off. You can get a repair tool that has preset holes for multiple common thread sizes or a self-adjusting model that covers a wide range.

Fastener Extractors

A mechanic's worst nightmare is a broken-off bolt or screw that can't be removed. But with a screw extractor set, you can get these old fasteners out of your car and into the trash pile where they belong. The extra-large heads give you extra leverage for when you need it to pull left- or right-handed broken fasteners.

Best Tools for Bolt Projects

There are lots of bolt-on parts even on modern cars, and with the right tap and die tools, they'll hold fast like they should. Eastwood has a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee on all our tools and accessories.