English Wheels

English Wheels

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English Wheels and Accessories

With an English wheel in your garage or auto body shop, custom panels for your auto restoration are no stretch. These metal-forming tools are made for crafting purpose-built metal parts that meet your unique specifications. In particular, they are a great for fabricating body panels that aren't available or for when you're building an original hot rod. If you need to add compound curves to wheel wells, trunk lids, nose pieces or quarter panels, the English wheeling machine is the answer.

Form Perfect Metal Curves

At Eastwood, you can order English wheels from our own development department or from other top manufacturers such as Woodward Fab. This tool works by using a top rolling wheel and a bottom anvil wheel. When you run sheet metal or 16-gauge steel between the two, it stretches or shrinks the metal based on how you turn it, letting you form any shape you desire. Both wheels can be micro-adjusted so the tool fits your preferences. Some models come with additional anvils for more shaping options.

Accessories for Your Wheel

If your wheel only includes a single anvil, don't fret - you can always get more in our accessory section. An anvil set typically includes several wheels of different sizes to switch out based on the project. Smaller wheels give you a more pronounced profile for fenders and smaller panels, while the larger anvils are better for doors because they shape more gently. Among our other great English wheel accessories is the forming band, which gets more energy to the wheel so you can form metal faster and with more control.

Custom DIY Work with Eastwood

Anyone who is into custom cars and rarities needs an English wheeling machine for their shop. You'll save big by being able to make the body panels you can't find, and you'll have the quality you need with this easy-to-use equipment. It's all part of Eastwood's promise to the DIY community since 1978 to deliver practical solutions that fuel your passion.