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Oil Changing Tools

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Car Oil Changing Tools

Pretty much every vehicle past and present will eventually need an oil change. When that time comes, use oil change tools from Eastwood to quickly get old oil out and fresh oil in. The most advanced synthetic oils and filters still have a shelf life, and you shouldn’t be trying to squeeze an extra thousand miles out of them just because you dread the hassle of changing them. We have high-quality oil replacement tools from Fairmount, Powerbuilt, ATD, Titan Lifts and our own Rockwood brand to get you in and out of the garage fast.

DIY Oil Change Supplies

Even a standard car maintenance task like changing the oil is easier with the right tools. Your collection should start with an oil drain system so the old oil doesn’t spill all over the floor. Oil drain pans are ideal for a single-car oil change on jack stands or ramps. If you’re using a lift to change oil on multiple cars, consider a waste oil tank with an adjustable funnel height. Another option is a manual fluid evacuator, which draws the oil directly from the pan.

The filter comes next, and ordinary wrenches won’t do for that. The True Power 23-Piece Oil Filter Wrench Kit can loosen pretty much any filter in use today without sliding and sliding. A pair of self-adjusting filter pliers is a budget-minded, space-saving alternative. Other products to simplify oil changes include rolling tool trays, oil-cleaning tablets and a special muscle car oil additive to enhance protection.

Automotive Maintenance Done Right

Eastwood knows that once you’ve restored a vehicle, it still takes regular work to keep it running great. Put fresh oil in your car whenever it’s needed with our affordable oil-changing supplies for DIYers and professionals. Visit the Eastwood Garage for expert tips on vehicle maintenance and clean-up.