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Founded in 1958, JET Tools owes its name to the trip its founder took on the first Boeing jetliner flight from Seattle to Japan. The company had humble beginnings, starting out by selling manual hoist chains and trolleys at a local hardware store. That soon changed as it innovated and expanded.

Beginning in the early 1980s, the company began to specialize in metalworking tools. Over the years, JET machine tools, JET wood tool products and its entire lineup have gained a reputation for quality and reliability.

Eastwood carried an extensive selection of JET tools, parts and supplies better. Whether you need reliable tools for a machine shop or a workshop, you can fly right when you shop here for JET products. That’s no idle boast either. We back everything we sell with a 90-day, 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee.

The JET Set

When you shop online here, you’ll discover everything from large metalworking and woodworking machinery to all the supplies and accessories you will need to keep your shop running smoothy. We carry all the JET products you need to cut, drill and sand smoothly and precisely. These include floor model drill presses, band saws and bench grinders. For smaller shops or areas where space is at a premium, we offer a variety of bench grinders, belt and disc sanders and horizontal band saws.

You can also find lots of handy parts and accessories for your JET tools here too. These include items like LED lamps for grinders and replacement band-saw blades. We also carry all the supplies you will need to keep your JET tools performing well and to help them last longer. These include biodegradable flood coolant available in 1/2-gallon or 1-gallon jugs or 5-gallon buckets.

Have questions about a particular JET tool, or a more general query such as “Where are JET Tools made?” Call us toll-free or email us. Since 1978, our crack customer service team has been answering all kinds of questions to help folks find sound solutions.